Forrest  slope cut the entrance and sent a sluff to the bottom before slashing his way down to the choke of the chute into the Hallway couloir. Can you see all three Forries?  Nice Pow!!!

Choking on some, did i mention nice pow!

We Saw some sluffing from riders coming down little superior around 8:30 am.  We are out to ride the Hallway, if that goes well and we are feeling good about the snow then to the Heart of Darkness.

Flagstaff ridge then out the Reed & Benson ridge to the Hallway couloir

Back side of the Heart of Darkness

Climbing up the back of Superior, you can see the Wizard of the Wasatch laid down some turns!

Traversing the back of superior

Above the twins in the background, some bad ass stuff in the foreground.  When we got to the entrance a rope was already set up.   However we used our own since we carried it all that way.  About thirty feet down the couloir we were able to buckle in.  It was tight you had to do hop turns until you were ready to point it.   

Forrest enjoying first tracks down the hallway!

Enjoying my first run down the hallway!

You can just barley see our tracks coming out of the Hallway and the sluff from Forrest’s slope cut.  The tracks keep going down into the tube.  Now we decide if we want to keep going or head home.  

We survived the Heart of Darkness!